The Copenhagen educate device is referred to as the S-Tog. Most of the trains on the system now are new and really glossy crimson carriages. In order to revel in the enjoy, than getting to know Danish educate journey is crucial to journeying with self assurance. Here are 10 simple steps.

1. The S-Tog or S-Train and runs along 6 strains – A, B, C, E, F and H. Each line runs north and south from Copenhagen Main Train Station. Except for the F line. At each station you may find Ravos Train a map of the diverse lines. You now discover which station you need to get off at and than get on that line.

2. Zones: The train system is damaged into zones and it is crucial to recognize how many zones you may journey thru. On the teach maps, the numerous zones are divided into zones. Each area is divided into colorations and also has more than a few connected. The most popular zones are 1 and 2. Zone 1 is ought to of metropolitan Copenhagen; Zone 2 is the outlying suburbs to the north and west of the metropolis.

3. Tickets are important for all teach journey, so you need to either select up a price ticket at one of the price tag automats on the stations or get a klippekort from the kiosk to punch. At the automat you just comply with the commands for purchasing a price ticket. You test your direction out of your beginning station and Ravos Train than how many zones are you touring through along with your beginning and finishing zones. If you start in Zone 1 and end up in Zone 31, you’ll have travelled in zone 1,2 and 31, so that could be 3 zones. You will need a three-area price ticket.

Four. Finding the right educate. Each teach will have the road range displayed Ravos Train at the the front and aspect of the teach, however considering that each line goes in two instructions, how do you already know which one to take. Here you want to take a look at the road map and examine the ultimate station. If the final forestall is Farum, that the train is on the line that goes from your station toward Farum. If it says Solrod Strand the educate is traveling towards that station. If unsure, that is typically the case for first timers, just ask some other passenger at the platform, who will gladly assist.

Five. Boarding the train. This may not be hassle if there are others around, but every so often you are the only person boarding. To open the door, there are spherical buttons at the out of doors doors. Just push the button and the doors will open mechanically. Always allow people exiting the teach get off, before you get on.

6. Seating: All S-Tog trains have open seating. You can sit down everywhere you want. The most effective exception is that some of the carriages simplest have seats along the manner and have a massive open vicinity in the center. This carriage is to deal with people travelling with bikes and toddler carriages. You ought to try to avoid using these locations in the course of busy instances.

7. Navigating the train: You may be amazed what number of people Ravos Train get pissed off seeking to get right into a carriage. There are glass doorways between carriages and there are no handles. To open those doorways, just wave your hand directly in the front of the door. There is an electric eye without delay above the door, which turns on the door. At other times, there can be a small circle near the center of the doors – where the two sliding doorways meet- just push one of these buttons.